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Vietnamese suit brand

Vietnamese Suit Brand


MON AMIE is a Vietnamese suit brand. His founder, Mr. Kang ’s father is an old tailor. The young Mr. Kang started his business after taking over the business from his father. He wanted to be the best suit brand in Ho Chi Minh. . However, in the early days of his business, he encountered a biggest problem. A good suit brand must start with good suit fabrics. Vietnam’s suit fabrics are all imported. Traders have uneven quality for the sake of profit. The situation is too serious to meet his needs, so Mr. Kang decided to personally import from the source of suit fabrics, Shaoxing, China. In March 2018, he found us through Google and started our story. . . . .
After a few days of online communication, our professional and timely response impressed him. He flew directly from Ho Chi Minh City to our city. In our office, we had a happy conversation. Mr. Kang told us that when he first took MON AMIE from his father, the traditional marketing ideas and old fabric styles made him take a hit. Now he needs a lot of new fabrics with different specifications and patterns to show to his customers, so each of them is not large, and many trading companies have rejected him because of the quantity.

 I told him that this is not a problem. As a factory of more than 20 years, YUN AI has a lot of patterns and colors for him to choose from, and can also be customized according to customer requirements. We also have a young foreign trade e-commerce team to give him the most efficient pre-sales guidance and after-sales service. Our team analyzed the Vietnamese market with him and provided a sample booklet. He also told Mr. Kang that our goals are the same and that we serve our end customers well, so we will take our orders seriously whether they are one-meter or two-meter orders.

After returning to China, Mr. Kang gave us our first order, 2000 meters tr, 600 meters wool. In addition, our team also helped him purchase free cloth trimmers and electric irons needed by some stores in China. Since then, Mr. Kang’s business has grown bigger and bigger. At the end of 18, we went to his city and visited his shop. In his newly opened coffee shop, he took us to drink the best G7 coffee in Vietnam and planned for the future. I joked with him that in China, good products are blessed. Blessing means to make people lucky
Now, the MON AMIE brand in Vietnam has completely overturned its past image, opened more than a dozen custom stores, and has its own clothing factory. Our story has also begun a new chapter.


Post time: Feb-19-2021